There are two types of drivers in the world. There are those who wax and detail their car every week, and there are those who do not even know why they should buy car wax. If you are in the latter category, car wax is something that you should consider if you want to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Car wax can help your paint from becoming damaged or losing its shine. Over time, dirt, bird droppings, UV light, and acid rain can wreak havoc on your paint. Car wax can protect it, and it can even hide small scratches or blemishes.

You can choose from either natural or synthetic waxes. Natural wax is typically made from carnauba, and synthetic waxes are made from oil by-products. Wax comes in paste, liquid, and spray forms. Paste wax is the most durable, but it is also more time consuming to apply.


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