Our DON JACKSON MITSUBISHI service department recommends you bring your vehicle to us for routine motor oil changes, but we understand that isn't always feasible. Often, you end up having to change your own motor oil, so you've probably already encountered motor oil viscosity ratings. What are they and why are they important?

Not Too Thick or Thin

Motor oil viscosity ratings provide a numerical snapshot of how thick or thin motor oil runs in cold or hot temperatures. Motor oil has to be thin enough to lubricate and clean your engine, but it can't be too thin. It also has to have somebody, but it can't be so thick that it clogs engine parts.

Viscosity Ratings 101

Take your standard 10W-30 motor oil for example. The "W" stands for winter, a season corresponding to your engine in cold temperatures. The first number is the oil's viscosity rating when your engine is cold. The second denotes oil viscosity when your engine is hot.

Consult your owner's manual for info on the specific motor oil your engine requires. You can also leave it to the techs at our Union City dealership service department. Schedule an appointment today.


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