We all run into the need for a repair of our windshield at some point. It does not take much for a crack to appear. The best thing to do is get it fixed once it does, or else the crack can grow in size. The easiest way, and least expensive way to do this is to use a liquid resin that will attach to the crack. The resin does not get rid of the break, but it just attaches to the crack and makes it stronger. Some cracks will be almost invisible when they are repaired. Some that are bigger, might only show a little bit.

When the repair is done, the technology is designed to take the air out of the glass and put the resin in its place. It cures and produces a strong fix. The point where the windshield gets hit and cracks is called the impact point. You will always be able to both feel and also see this point of impact on the windshield surface.


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