Foggy and discolored headlights are not only an eyesore, but they can also be a safety hazard. When headlight lenses fade, yellow, and crack, they become less efficient at projecting light, which ultimately reduces your visibility. While headlight replacement is a good option, it is often an expensive endeavor. A better option is to restore your headlights, which can be done quickly and easily in your own driveway.

There are several commercially available headlight restoration kits that can help you to restore your headlights in a few simple steps. The specific steps and contents of each kit may vary, but the first goal is to remove the oxidation from the surface. Oxidation is caused by exposure to UV light over the years and removing it requires a mild abrasive and some moderate effort. Once the oxidation is removed, your lights will look nearly new, but to complete the restoration, the lenses must also be protected. Many kits will include a spray or wipe-on coating that will further enhance the new shine and protect the lenses from future fading.


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