A new driving season is right around the corner, and that means that you'll want to check on your safety equipment, including your spare tire. Many of our customers at DON JACKSON MITSUBISHI ask about keeping a full-sized spare tire. We'll cover the basics, so you'll know if your spare tire is the best option, or if you'd like to consider something else.

A temporary spare or a "donut," is a spare tire that comes standard with nearly every new vehicle purchase. It saves space, but you'll have to watch your speed and get into the shop to replace it quickly.

A full-sized spare is an alternative that is available for purchase through our dealership. It provides you with more time to get your tire fixed or replaced. However, you'll need to carry the appropriate hardware for a tire change.

Regardless of the option you prefer, DON JACKSON MITSUBISHI hopes you have a happy and safe driving season, and we'd love to see you soon.



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