Every member of our team at DON JACKSON MITSUBISHI wants you to be an informed driver that knows what makes your car run safely down the road and how to keep it that way. Gaskets are an important part of this, yet many people don’t fully understand their importance. Allow us to advise you on gaskets, what they do and why they’re so important.

Your vehicle has all sorts of liquids running through it, and they each play an important role, whether it’s transmission fluid, brake fluid or motor oil. Gaskets are the little things that keep these fluids from leaking into other parts of the vehicle. They may be head gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, intake manifold gaskets or a bearing gasket. Having them checked regularly will ensure they’re doing their job.

If you still have questions, stop at our dealership in Union City, and allow our technicians to inspect your vehicle, check out the gaskets and provide any maintenance needed.



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