College Parents Will Love the New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Are you looking for a reliable Sport Utility Vehicle that your college student will love? Look no further than the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. With a streamlined body that makes it easy to maneuver and park, spacious interior, and plenty of cargo space, the Eclipse Cross is an ideal car for trips between college and Union City.

The Eclipse Cross has a 71.1 inch overall width and a shorter body than most SUV's in its class, which makes it less likely that your millennial will damage the vehicle while squeezing in and out of on-campus parking. You'll sleep better at night knowing the Eclipse Cross comes standard with a five year, seven year and ten year warranty. Standard roadside assistance is there when and if your young adult needs it.

Your college student deserves a reliable, right-size SUV to get from point A to Point B safely. Visit Don Jackson Mitsubishi today and let's discuss your options.



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